It does not have to be wood poles as such. Just think about any form or structure of wood that is required for a number of constructive purposes. If you have located the right supplier of your wood cuts and poles, you will find that your wood has been treated. But why are these treated wood poles environmentally sustainable today. If it hasn’t become a state requirement, the men and women that are supplying you with your wood are doing so conscionably.

This means that they are doing so with a tender heart. They are the ones who, today, plant the first shoots of new forests. Indigenous forests are being given a chance to flourish, given that it takes many years for a pine tree to grow. While such trees remain standing, young upstarts, positively speaking, breathe new life into greening the environment. And then the inevitable day arrives. Tree trunks must be readied for the production line.

After those trees have been chopped down and cut to size for commercial, industrial and domestic purposes, they are also well treated if you will. This means that they are being thoroughly coated with a thick resin that shields it from both natural and man-made corrosion. It becomes difficult for pollutants to penetrate the wood’s visible surfaces and natural strength. Natural weather elements also find it hard to damage trees.

And most of all, because this is a problem that will never go away if wood is left untreated, termites cannot build their nests there. Not just poles, but your home’s staircases too. Think about that for a moment. No further expenses or labor in later years, other than sprucing up the wood with a new lick of paint or varnish, and the wood can last you a lifetime.